Much Awaited Meteor Development Platform is Now Available for Windows

10 April 2015

San Francisco: Earlier, if the developers wanted to develop any web or mobile applications using Meteor JavaScript, they had to build it either using Linux or Mac clients. But now, it’s not the case as Meteor 1.1 has been released and it supports Windows clients as well. Last year, when Meteor 1.0 was released, Windows was left out even though it was used by about half of the total market of developers.

If the developers whose main developing platform was windows had to make use of Meteor, they had to use it either through a virtual machine or any other complicated solutions. This gives us a clear insight that the most popular Windows platform had been longing for Meteor’s support from quite some time.

But now, Meteor offers a platform for making use of JavaScript as a development language; the developers can use it right from the process of development to delivery. With Meteor, developers get s single codebase whole using JavaScript and HTML skillsets. Also, the MongoDB 3.0 support extends popular NoSQL database onto the devices.

The support for Windows has been a lot more than just the basics of Meteor apps on a Windows system. It’s being said that the Meteor is sure that mix of two development platforms can be collaborated on a single application. A single Meteor codebase will work unchanged on any combination of the platforms.

Meteor to be integrated with several other parts of Microsoft ecosystem:

Meteor, the open source JavaScript platform is now updated and the newly updated platform lets you develop applications even on Windows machines; i.e. the developers can use Server 2008, 2012, Windows 7 and 8.1 to develop applications. As said above, this development platform was available only for Linux and OS X. The Meteor team is also looking to get integrated with Azure, Visual studio and other parts of the Microsoft ecosystem.

Its support for MongoDB 3.0 brought some significant improvements:

Meteor 1.1 also added its support which brought great improvements on scalability and the performance. The Meteor team says that the version 1.1 is fully compatible with 1.0 and hence upgrading would not be that difficult. We can also see some improvements in the core stack which makes the development much easier.

The added support is expanding its outreach to more developers:

The developers are already experiencing that the new update, Meteor 1.1 is reaching more and more number of developers. As it now supports Windows, a huge community of developers who haven’t gone for Linux has been opened. With this, Meteor becomes much larger and stronger community as both Windows and MongoDB 3.0 are certainly the good moves to entice more developers.

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