The Top Content Focused Approach to SEO

2 July 2013


San Francisco: Search engine optimization (SEO) is an area that never stands still and is always developing. This means that websites must use and benefit from the most advanced SEO techniques so as to guarantee good ranking in search results.

In this article we look at some of the latest key shifts in focus that you need to be aware of.

The New Approach to SEO

Gone are the days when getting to the top of search engines simply meant building endless landing pages and filling them with keywords and links. That doesn’t mean those practices aren’t still being used – an awful lot of companies are still using. However, using out-of-date, black-hat techniques are unsuccessful as they don’t take into account the latest content focused approach preferred by Google.

The key to better visibility in search results lies in comprehending what your patrons want, in recognizing how you uniquely meet those needs and in your ability to communicate this through top quality website content.

As the Google ranking algorithm grows ever more sophisticated, so the importance on high quality content increases, meaning it is more important than ever to ensure that you are writing and publishing strong content. Theme relevant content on your website adds value to the visitor experience and assures Google you are an authority within your field.

Google Penguin

The latest Google Penguin update hit the UK in May 2013 and has had a big impact on websites that were earlier using keyword stuffed landing pages and damaging bulk back-link building techniques. Many website owners observed an overnight fall in their search rank and as a direct result, a decrease in website traffic.

If these are the methods you’ve used formerly and you’ve seen your website drop down the search engine results page, you require to take action now to reverse the damage and revise your on-going SEO activities.

Focusing on Content

By concentrating on delivering superior quality content, you are achieving numerous things. You’ll draw new visitors, you’ll keep your website visitors occupied for longer and you’ll increase your chances of growing back-links organically. Good content is far more likely to be talked about and shared.

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