How People Are Using Mobile Web?

5 January 2015

San Francisco: Mobile web access is presently being boosted as the next huge thing for both web services and mobile devices. People are becoming more dependent on web for their daily lives and are also widening its access from several devices (including on-the-go mobile devices). Mobile web has been the major revenue generator which is followed by voice calls and then the text messaging service.

In today’s trend of emerging technologies, people are much focused on marketing, business management, SEO, sales, advertising, social media and software development. But the thing to be noticed is that, people are using mobile devices and it has become the most preferred tool for work and communication as well. Effective execution of plans to deliver high quality mobile experience would definitely be a competitive advantage for organizations.

However, some organizations treat mobile device as an option while planning the digital interaction with customers. But the ultimate winners are those who adapt for the changes and deliver what exactly the customers need. Normally it depends on the clients’ interest. The developers just have to abide to what they say.

People are spending most of the time on their mobile devices

  • New research revealed that people are spending more than half their time online on mobile devices. Recently people and their devices were tracked in public places. The results are actually fascinating; couples aged above 50 are showing their mobile screens to each other, people are texting while walking too; they smile when they access social media.
  • According to the research conducted by an UX expert, people spend 39% of their time on Internet via smartphones, whereas 12% of time is spent through tablets. The mobile trend seems to be growing rapidly, as 66% of adults are engaging with pc’s and mobile devices to access internet.
  • The time spent on mobile devices has almost reached the double of what it was three years ago. It has reached 890 billion minutes from 451 billion minutes (2010). Not only the time spent on mobile devices, but the time spent online is also increased by 20%.

Research among the people of different age groups

  • Statistics say that the women between the ages 25 and 49, like to use Internet through mobile devices.
  • It’s also been observed that the women between that age group are very closely followed by the people between the ages 18 and 24 (in terms of mobile usage).
  • The research also revealed that the people of age 50 or older are more likely to use multiple platforms. But still, they accept that they spend 41% of their time online through a mobile device.

After going through these stats, the advertisers realized that they are living in a multi-platform world; so understanding the consumer segments and content across several platforms could help them optimize their campaigns effectively. As the usage is getting shifted to mobile devices, the advertisers need to understand the multiplatform audience as well.

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