7 Sensible Points that Say iPhone is Better than Android

21 July 2015

San Francisco: This might be a bit discouraging for Android lovers but it’s true that if you have used both Android and iPhone, you would certainly suggest iPhone to your family and friends. The reason behind this is not just the platform but also the way the hardware and software complement each other. Another main reason is that, the iPhone works seamlessly with other Apple devices like Apple Watch.

Here are some points to say iPhone is better than Android phones:

  1. Easy to use: It’s really easy to use iPhones; even the muddled users can master an iPhone in a very short period. It comes with a simple layout with a clear name and symbol for the apps. It’s very easy to add email accounts or to change any key settings. Comparing this with the confusing widgets and icons, iPhones are definitely easy to use.
  2. Best apps first: Even though the Play Store gets the hits, the best apps first run on iOS. For example, Instagram made its entry to Android after running for two years on iPhones. Many other popular applications like Periscope, Meerkat and Vainglory have taken months to be launched on Android. On the whole, the message is clear that if you don’t want to be treated as a second class inhabitant, iPhone has got really a good margin over Android.
  3. No Bloatware: Bloatware has been a huge problem these days as it takes up large amounts of valuable memory on your devices. As the companies know the importance of removing the bloatware, Samsung and other devices seem to be better in reducing the pain of users by uniting all the carrier bloatware into single folder. But it’s still a crap as it takes lot of space. An iPhone user will never come across such a situation because it doesn’t feature any bloatware taking up valuable storage space.
  4. Great Cameras: As we all know, iPhones are known for their camera clarity; it has been producing pleasing and high-quality images on every generation. Recently launched iPhone 6 is even more improved with respect to the camera clarity and additional settings like improved auto-focus. It is also able to capture slow-motion videos at 240 frames per second.
  5. Apple Pay: You yourself will know the difference between Android Pay and Apple Pay if you use both the payment systems. Apple Pay is certainly the best as it’s very simple to use. All you need to do to pay using Apple Pay is to bring your iPhone near the payment counter and press your finger on your phone’s touch ID sensor.
  6. Best smart home controller: You can use your iPhone to control the LED lights at home, high-tech thermostats, security cams and many other home gadgets. But HomeKit takes home control to a whole new level allowing the users to set scenes using Siri. You can set any scene like ‘bedtime scene’ or ‘dinner scene’ and your iPhone gives a series of commands to the gadgets at home.
  7. Customer support: When you come across any problem on your Android phone, you can participate in any online forums or you can try calling your carrier but with iPhone, you can get into a huge database of useful articles on Apple’s website. You can also chat live with a service agent to get your problem rectified.

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