7 Notable Reasons for Open-Sources Becoming So Inevitable

7 May 2015

San Francisco: Today, we can see most of the business enterprises, web development and app development companies making use of open sources; open sources are becoming increasingly popular, not just because they are free, but because of some extraordinary features it offers. If cost was the only reason for it to get so popular, the companies which relied on open sources during recession would have returned back to the expensive proprietary stuffs once they become stable; but clearly that’s not the case. It has numerous benefits which are more valuable than the software's low price.

Here are 7 notable reasons for open sources becoming inevitable for some companies:

  1. No reinvention: This is quite obvious that most of the companies choose open sources as they can develop the software faster. Companies which are leading in their firm always need to maintain their standards. They have to keep moving with the fast paced environment to be alive in the competition. So they follow the proven methods instead of inventing something else which could take some time leaving them behind in the race.
  2. Customization: When a company is topping in its category, like any social network with large number of users, open source is the only starting point for them to provide quality solutions. It allows them to be more customized with its features. Contributing customizations back to open source allows them to be vetted and improved.
  3. Motivated workforce: Along with a supportive work environment and a good wage, there is something that helps developers to do high quality work. It’s the usage of open source; turning back the open source to the community and allowing developers to gain the recognition of their peers is definitely a powerful motivator for the employees.
  4. Attracts top talents: For some, the opportunity to be in a broader developing community is potentially more important than just having the top wages. Not contributing the open sources certainly narrows the talent pool for tech vendors drastically.
  5. Standardized practices: Open sources have become the standardized solutions for problems. Such standardization allows organizations to be more optimized. Open sources bring standardized organizational practices which helps in avoiding unnecessary experimenttations.
  6. Business acceleration: Open sources are replacing the proprietary IPs for some app platform technologies. Developing an innovative solution and releasing it to open source platform could support the broader adoption of technology with minimal investment in sales, marketing and professional service teams. This approach can also be used by the large vendors to try some new ventures or to similarly create a wider technology adoption with minimal cost.
  7. Customer goodwill: Open source allows a tech vendor to augment a great deal of goodwill with its partners and customers. It provides an incredible technical leverage for small companies. No matter how productive your star programmers are, it attracts a fair amount of customer goodwill.

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