7 Effective Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged with Your Website

24 February 2015

San Francisco: One of the best things you can do to improve your business is to provide a valuable piece of information and few advices to the prospects through a company blog. However, it’s really hard to get the customers or clients engaged with your work. So what are the ways that help you keep the customers engaged and make them read your business blog actively?

Here are a few efficient ways to keep the customers engaged on to your website:

  1. Quote them: Quoting the clients or customers is one of the best ways to make them involve into our blog actively. If you quote them, they usually come at least once in a month to check your site. The more people and companies you quote on, more they will come back into your site. So it’s really an efficient technique to make them share some information about your company and the amazing experience they have had with it.
  2. Answer their questions: Correspondence is the best way to maintain any relationship; likewise in the business. Just turn towards your client or a customer and try to give solutions for the problems they are facing. Just make a few points to answer their questions through a video or at least a written post. Also, have a list running of content ideas and also the list of those who had questioned; so that you can reach out to them when the post goes live.
  3. Send them an email notification: Your customers might really be busy with their profession. Normally, the businesses publish their blog post and make it sit in their blog’s archive. But, the best way to make the customers read your blog is to send them an email notification at least once in a week to inform them about your best or a new content. After reading a few newsletters, they themselves will come and check your site (if you have produced top-tier content).
  4. Reveal everything: From several years, there has been a strong tradition in any business that you should not reveal anything that is not required. But try to be a bit different and interesting by sharing some genuine stories on your blog. It would be better if it shows some of the flaws and how hard you are trying to fix those flaws. After all, your clients know that nobody can be 100% perfect. So make them understand that how capable are you to handle their project.
  5. Post valuable content regularly: The main key to keep the customers engaged is to update some valuable content regularly. Your content should include the information that the readers could use it in their own businesses. This has an added advantage of establishing your company as an authority in the field. Don’t ever try to sell your services or products on the blog.
  6. Link it in your email signature: You may neglect this point, but updating your email signature with your latest post it is really an effective step. It is a highly viewed piece and the blog shows your customers that it is a significant part of your business.
  7. Share the links on LinkedIn: Social media is one of the best ways to drive traffic to blog contents. Nowadays most of the brand professionals are very active in LinkedIn; so it could help you in spreading some news about the content you create. It can be done if your content addresses the common questions of your client.

Following all the above mentioned steps, help you in keeping the customers engaged to your website.

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