6 Points That Shed Light On Current Mobile App Development Trends

17 November 2015

San Francisco: Today mobile devices have turned out to be a true friend for almost everybody as it is playing a vital role in simplifying the daily tasks while also changing the people’s outlook towards information.

With such a growth, we can say that it’s not an exaggeration to say, mobile technology is moving ahead at the speed of light and also the apps have become the integral part of the digital ecosystem; they are literally progressing to make a ubiquitous presence.

So being aware of the latest mobile app development trends has become an order and not just an option. Below points shed a bit of light on the current mobile app development trends.

  1. Faster App Development: The world is on wheels and everybody wants the things to happen fast. Likewise, the main objective of a mobile app developer is to reduce the duration of development cycles also to cut down the time gap between ideation and launch. Developers wish to see the most advanced and rapid app development tools in the market. Most of the companies today are looking forward for the solutions that can cater to the needs of the consumer to launch their apps faster than any others in the market.   
  2. Cloud Technology: The cloud technology which seems to be booming these days is also expected to play an important role in mobile app development. As there is an upward shift in the usage of mobile devices, it has made the developers be more focused about integrating and synchronizing apps for multiple devices. Cloud approach helps developers to build a functionality that can be used on different mobile devices with similar features.
  3. Security in Apps: Users have been experiencing the hacks and data thefts since when the apps were introduced. So, they are very much concerned about the security of apps. According to the predictions of Gartner, almost 75% of the mobile apps would not be able to pass even the basic security tests. With this being the situation, hackers tend to continue exploiting the gaps in mobile applications to obtain the sensitive and confidential information. Because of this, security has become a serious need today and the developers are taking the security issues seriously.
  4. Beacon Internet (Wi-Fi) Services: Be it a retail sector or advertising, today beacon technology has blurred the differentiating line between online and offline. The beacon technology has already been implemented in iOS and is expected to make an entry to Android very soon. Almost all the industries like Hospitality, Retail, Education, Tourism, etc., are receiving the benefits of such internet services.
  5. Wearable Tech: Today people have started using wearable devices to some extent and all the credit goes to Apple Watch because of which the wearable technology became a hot topic in electronics industry. Most of the wearable devices built till now were focused on health and fitness, but now the wearable devices are expected to be utilized in many other fields in order to improve their productivity and efficiency.
  6. Mobile Banking and Payments: Recent surveys made on mobile commerce show that almost 19% of commercial sales are coming either from a tablet or a smartphone. Analysts have also guessed that the trend continues as more and more users are adapting mobile commerce solutions. Purchasing goods and transferring money over phone has become as common as using debit or credit cards. The developers can build mobile apps that can process transactions without the need of cash or physical cards. 

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