5 Habits That Make You an Impressive Content Writer

24 August 2015

San Francisco: Generally, all the writers wish to write extremely insightful contents but how would they do that consistently without the content taking a whole lot of time? Content having some meaningful things to say will automatically attract the audiences. Quality is the main thing you need to be concerned about. If you are writing for other sites along with your own blog, it would be really hard to keep up the quality. But here are a few practices that bring out your best writing in a short period of time.

Make a note of your ideas: Nothing wastes your time more than sitting and thinking what to write. When the deadline is nearing and you still don’t have anything to write, it hinders your creativity and make you start thinking. Don’t get into such a situation of having intense pressure to deliver your content. It’s really good if you can make a list of your ideas, possible content topics and also the headline sources, so that it does not take much of your time to add some more points and make it a wonderful content.

Identify your audience: In order to satisfy your audience with your content, you first need to know who your audiences are and what exactly they expect from you. You can ask for the reader feedback in your blog comments and also through the social media platforms. You can also send out the surveys or hang out with your target audience by participating in the conferences and events they are likely to attend.

Know your peak creative time: Every person will have a different rhythm for their creativity. Some writers can give the best of their writing before the breakfast; some get triggered with a cup of coffee and some find it very difficult to write a logical sentence till the noon. It’s just that you will be very creative at certain times a day and not all the time. Don’t try writing in the time that you feel that you can’t be productive. Even if you do, it takes more time to do the same work and it won’t be good as well. So make sure that you are free from all the other tasks (phone appointments, twitter, etc.) when you are in your peak creative time.

Review your content the next day: Time pressure is the biggest threat for writing high-quality content. When you are writing content on the same day of its due for submission, you are actually sacrificing the powerful tool that improves your writing; that is the chance of reviewing the content before sending it. If you write and post it on the same day, you are posting the first draft which is not the best of your work. When you review it the next day, you will be able to easily spot out the weak zones of your content and trim them up.

Keep it simple: Good blog posts are those that are concise and stuck to a single topic. The posts that follow a single train of thought will take very less time to be written. Overthinking can just waste your time; finally you will end up trimming out the miscellaneous observations in the content.

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