10 Tools that Make Web Development Easier

4 December 2014

San Francisco: Developing a website might seem intricate and tiresome, but there are plenty of tools which can make the development process much easier. It’s really vital to have a good online presence both for organizations and businesses; and this is why all the services and tools available for creating a website are of top-grade.

Below mentioned are the best tools available to start up with web development:

  1. Gridgum: It is analcove forum where you can find splendid templates and themes created by ardent authors. This forum offers Bootstrap or WordPress themes and admin panels for those who are developing a new website. If you are planning to disclose your themes on Gridgum, you must be aware that all the themes should be responsive, they should be cross-browser compatible and should have a unique name.
  2. ExpressionEngine: ExpressionEngine is one of the most pliable content management tools one can find. It lets you break down the website content and display it as you wish. It can be easily installed and it fits into any kind of websites (real-estate, tourism, eCommerce or personal blog) without having to make any changes to it. It can also be integrated with several apps and services, and you need not be a skilled professional for doing it. Many programmers have appreciated the quality of this tool and have recognized it as one of the protractile content management tools.
  3. HTML5Maker: HTML5 Maker is one of the premier online services that can help you create your own animations. Whether you are looking out for an ad campaign or you may just want to entice more viewers to your blog, HTML5Maker is an apt tool for this job. It comes with several ready-to-use templates which can be used to create animations. It lets you create animations using online image editor and online animation editor. Later, you can embed them from the cloud into your website or you can also share them as a template.
  4. Argento: Argento theme was developed according to the best practices of eCommerce stores, so you will be assured with a highly functional and pliable template if you choose Argento. Argento works on almost any device (iOS, Android or BlackBerry) as it fit to the screen of any resolution. You need not worry about the installation process as the team of developers helps you in installing it within 24 hours. As the theme was created considering SEO, it also provides your store an enhanced HTML structure, HTML attributes and SEO tags. Argento also presents plenty of extensions which make your website user-friendly.
  5. BugMuncher: It is a sharp tool that helps you obtain bug reports and feedbacks on a live site from the users. BugMuncher lets users emphasize the problem, capture snapshot and post it to your mailbox directly. You will also receive the necessary data about the users along with the screenshot. By transferring the information about users into the BugMuncher, you can recreate the conditions under which the feedback and bug report was sent to you.
  6. Tickera: It is a WordPress plugin which helps you stay organized while planning the events. Using Tickera, you can create custom-built tickets and also sell them on your website. Tickera is incredibly simple and extremely user friendly. Tickera lets you create different types of tickets (standard, premium and VIP). Tickera can also be integrated with a barcode reader, which improves your check-in process remarkably. This plugin comprises various payment gateways such as 2Checkout, Stripe, PayPal and Paymill.
  7. Kukook: Kukook is a stupendous tool which offers a gallery of distinct resume templates which fits into your requirements perfectly. You may select a graphic design resume, modern resume template or even an artistic resume template. The best part about all these templates is that they can be edited easily on MS-Word as soon as you download them.
  8. Themify: This tool offers a wide variety of appealingly designed themes which are very functional. It lets you customize the template by using features like custom widgets, Drag&Drop builder and shortcodes. Using Themify, you can gain users’ attention by placing pointers at certain places on your website. It features ProgressBar module which displays the progress of any project in an animated way.
  9. Templates-Master: This tool provides numerous extensions and Magento templates which are built by using improved HTML. A new tool called Magento Page Cache was created as a solution to save money and time. This tool makes your online store run faster. It is based on core Magento framework which supports both dynamic and static blocks. You don’t have to worry about the installation process as a team of developers assist you in the installation process.
  10. Free Icon Maker: This tool lets you create innumerable icon sets and also customize them as you want. It has an intuitive interface and is extremely easy to use. It lets you browse through the gallery of Free Icon Maker where you can select from around 1000 icon sets. The tool is totally free for both commercial and personal use. It helps you in creating flat and 3D icon sets for various mobile applications within few seconds.

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